Blue Planet Lithium Ion Batteries are ready for our solar installations

We are now installing Blue Planet Energy Lithium Ion batteries in our Grid Tied systems with backup as well as some of our Off Grid systems. We have waited to see how they are performing in the solar arena and they are really a great improvement to Energy Storage. They perform well in conditioned spaces in your home or garage, but do not work in the cold of our winters if located in an unheated power shed.

  • Up to 5 times longer life than Lead Acid batteries

  • No maintenance

  • Smart battery management

  • Light weight

Climate Change

We are so disappointed in the Trump administration decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Change agreement. This will literally send us back into the dark ages and leave the US behind the rest of the world in using renewable energy technology. 

APE is committed to the Paris Climate Accord and will continue to provide Solar Power Systems

Climate change is real and is caused by humans. Our goal at APE is to provide a means to reverse Climate Change one house at a time. All the obvious benefits of going solar, like saving money by lowering your electric bill, using Green energy, security, independence, all pale in comparison to the positive effect you can have on our planet. We encourage you to allow us give you a quote on a solar Photovoltaic system to power your home and help reverse the effects of Climate Change. Its time for us all to implement tried and true Solar Power


Empty Roofs

Every day I bike or drive around our area and see all the houses with naked roofs. These roofs are just sitting there absorbing solar energy, but they have no way to use that energy. Capturing that solar energy is now easier and more affordable then ever before. A roof mounted solar power array will harvest that energy as DC electricity, producing current flow to an Inverter that converts the DC to 240 volt AC household current. This energy is then consumed by the house and any excess will "sell" back to the power grid, reducing you electric bill. The energy can also be stored in batteries to be used during power outages.  It is very easy to modernize your roof

What's happening in 2017

We are offering snow removal for your solar panels.

Let us monitor your system performance with our online monitoring and diagnostic services.

We are keeping up to date with the new battery technology coming of age this year. Any existing or new PV system can benefit with energy storage.

APE will be offering Q&A meetings to answer any questions you may have. To be announced.

More photos of recent solar projects were added to our Project photo gallery.







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Solar Tech Support

APE offers Solar Tech Support. Sometimes a phone call is all it takes to resolve an issue with your system. If a phone call can't fix it, we will come to your rescue. Our vast knowledge of both older and new equipment allows us to repair most every issue. We can also advise when it is time to replace batteries or upgrade components. Technology keeps evolving and we keep on top of it.

Solar Hot Water

We get asked quite often whether we install Solar Water Heating Systems. We have decided to no longer install traditional Thermal systems due to their complexity and expense. The new way of adding solar water heating to your home is to use an electric water heater and offset the energy to heat the water with a solar electric(Photovoltaic)system. The beauty of this is that when the tank is hot, the solar electric energy still keeps offsetting the electric use of the home, sometimes spinning your electric meter in reverse, effectively "selling" power back to your electric utility. The cost of solar panels had dropped dramatically, the Federal Income Tax Credit has been extended for 5 years, and some utility Coops, including SMPA have rebates for installing solar power as well as installing electric water heaters. We feel this makes for the most practical water heating.

Happy Solar New Year

Happy Solar New Year

2016 promises to be the new beginning for Solar projects across Colorado. The Federal Income Tax Credit is officially extended for 5 more years!!! Bipartisan support in the Senate promises that powering our homes with Renewable Energy has indeed become mainstream, will provide jobs and will put a dent in Climate Change.

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Obama Sets Up Cost Of US Solar Energy For Another Freefall

Obama Sets Up Cost Of US Solar Energy For Another Freefall

Solar energy is already cost competitive with conventional fuels in 14 US states, and that’s pretty amazing considering that the bottom has dropped out from under the coal, natural gas, and petroleum markets. Well, the other 36 states better brace themselves because here comes more than $102 million in US Energy Department funding for new projects to make solar energy even cheaper.

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How Home Owners Are Paying Next to Nothing for Solar Panels in 2015

What's your electric bill this month -- $200? $250? More? I have foolishly let "Big Energy" sell me electricity and my monthly bill is higher than the GNP of France.

Wake up any tech CEO in the middle of the night and ask what his or her fondest wish would be, and the answer would be "a monopoly." For the longest time, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, and Cisco had near monopolies, and their CEOs slept well at night. The greatest advantage: You can make mistakes, be late to market, have quality problems, and still own your market.

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Before Installing Solar, Consider Your Roof

Considering solar power? Your many choices include buying or leasing the solar photovoltaic (PV) equipment, finding a contractor, and properly sizing a system. Consumer Reports covered much of what you need to know in our recent report about installing solar panels. But before you call in the PV installers, spend a little time with your roofer—even if your roof looks fine. Read on for a few pointers:

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U.S. Energy Secretary: Solar and wind energy now cost-competitive without subsidies

U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, who trained as a nuclear physicist, believes that the price of solar and wind power have fallen so dramatically that the market for them can now grow without subsidies. Moniz told reporters that the Obama administration supports Congress' extension of renewable energy tax credits, but "I certainly see solar growing" even "without subsidy" and the cost reductions have "been incredible" for the solar industry, making for an improved "value proposition ... in many contexts."

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