Cindy Carrillo

Working with the folks at Alternative Power has been a complete joy. They are incredibly knowledgeable about all things Solar (and wind), so it made our decision-making easy.  

They worked with us to create the right system to meet our needs (including our budget), installed everything, helped us with all of the paperwork for rebates (local and Federal) and now maintain it on a regular basis.

Great people.
Great company.
Great service.


Robert Hoshide

We've been very satisfied with Alternative Power Enterprise's adding the 12 pv panels on our metal roof. The installers completed the job in only 2 days. They were very professional and courteous. Your staff was also very helpful and took care of all the necessary required for grant, rebate and tax credit paperwork. They answered all of my questions. Thank you!

When I was looking for a Solar System expert to help me, everyone I asked locally recommended Alternative Power Engineering. And they were right. From the start, it was a real pleasure to work with Leif, Jill, Mark and Josh, designing and then installing my system. They were willing to present several different design scenarios, which was a big help in deciding how to size and where to locate the components. They are a very local, down-to-earth, humble yet extremely knowledgeable crew, and we spent many pleasant hours together. They encouraged my involvement at every step, and were fun to work with. They handled the paperwork completely, saving me a lot of headache.

Hulburd Residence


Now that I have a powerful, robust solar system providing all of my electric power, I feel secure and content, knowing it will last for decades, and that they care about its performance too. It is the best investment I could have made in my house, and is a tangible example of "walking the talk" regarding green living and taking responsibility for the impact to our planet with energy production.I love watching my meter "spin" backwards, and having full power at our house when a blackout occurs. I miss having the crew coming up to the house, though!

Sincerely, John Hulburd






Gold Creek

The generator has barely run since the batteries were installed so it seems they are working well. Thanks again for all of your help and it is a pleasure working with you and your crew. I look forward to working with you again on the next phase which will be replacing the inverters next year.

Lois Ziemann

My experience with Alternative Power Enterprises was nothing but first-rate. From the beginning, Jill and Leif were extremely knowledgeable and informative of the various solar options available and worked closely with us through every step of the planning and building permit approval process. They made my part of the job extremely easy. Their work crews were professional, considerate, and efficient and I was surprised by how quickly our system was installed. Planning for, purchasing, and installing our PV system was positive experience, start to finish.

The Hanshaw Family

We are delighted with your solar panel design, for our own pocketbook as well as for the health of our planet.

Jim and Jane Ross

Our Sunda vacuum tube based solar hot water system has far exceeded hopeful expectations to greatly reduce annual propane expense. Hot water production is independent of outside temperature and the need for propane back-up is infrequent even after heavy snows. Such very superior performance and cost savings have been essentially care free. We could not be more satisfied and only wish that many other households would take advantage of this amazing and cost effective technology. We also have solar powered electricity. The people at APE know exactly what they are doing.

Larry Falk

We had Alternative Power Enterprises install a PV system on our house and were very happy with the resulting product.  Before we had made our decision to purchase a PV system, Leif and Jill did an excellent job of informing us of our system needs and the available incentives.  During the installation every effort to make the system blend in to our residence was made.  All their crew member were extremely friendly and neat.  The jobsite was always left clean after a days work.
After the installation Leif personally sat down with us to install a monitoring network and showed us how to keep abreast of the power produced.
Our family is now making a contribution to lower our carbon footprint and APE got us there!