In order to get started with designing the perfect solar power system, custom tailored to your specific needs, we'll need a few pieces of information. It's as simple as giving us your address and annual electric usage documents. You can fill out this form, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with a detailed cost estimate.

For Grid-Tied Systems

For Grid-Tied Systems:

  • Let us know your physical address

  • Send us a copy of your electric bill

  • We will check out your roof or property on Google Earth to see your solar access.

  • We can then put together a proposal and arrange a free site visit to verify some installation details

For Off-Grid Systems

For Off-Grid Systems:

Tell us about your home or cabin. Things like:

  • Full or part time occupancy

  • A list of electrical appliances you will be using and for how many hours per day

  • Address

We want to make sure you have enough energy to power your dream home.