Sunridge Earthship

The old Weaver Earthship recently sold and we were asked to update the solar power system. We removed the 20+ year old batteries, solar panels and Inverters and installed a new solar array on the enlarged awning. The 54 solar panels and Micro-Inverters will offset most, if not all of the power demands of the Earthship.

The solar power system we designed for this unique earthship home
A front view of the solar power system we installed for the Sunridge Earthship
The solar installation process for the sunridge earthship

Citizen's State Bank Goes Solar

The 15Kw Photovoltaic system is designed to offset 100% of the bank's annual electrical usage. This system will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save them thousands of dollars annually on their electric bill. We are excited to see our local bank go solar and take advantage of the many benefits for commercial businesses. 

The solar power system alternative power enterprises installed for Citizen’s State Bank in Ridgway Colorado

Hidden Rocks Ranch on Hastings Mesa

APE has just completed installing one of the largest Off Grid Microgrids on the Western Slope of Colorado. Installation took place during one of the biggest winters in recent memory. 84.42KW of solar power. 252 LG 335 watt solar panels. 10 Outback Power Radian Inverters and 20 Outback Power FM100 charge controllers. A combination of ground and roof mounted solar panels. We are super excited to present this project to our featured projects.

Ground mounted off grid solar power system in Western Colorado
barn roof solar panels
off grid solar power room

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