Happy Solar New Year

2016 promises to be the new beginning for Solar projects across Colorado. The Federal Income Tax Credit is officially extended for 5 more years!!! Bipartisan support in the Senate promises that powering our homes with Renewable Energy has indeed become mainstream, will provide jobs and will put a dent in Climate Change.

Homeowners in San Miguel Power area will receive both a $2,250 Rebate from SMPA and a 30% Income Tax credit.

DMEA customers have a very friendly COOP to work with as well as the 30% Income Tax Credit.

This tax credit can roll forward to subsequent years until it is gone, so is seen as a long term investment. 

Let us show you how solar power saves money on your electric bill.

Please visit this site for the official information on Federal Incentives for residential homeowners. http://programs.dsireusa.org/system/program/detail/1235. The www.dsireusa.org site shows all state and federal incentives as well.

Energy storage is in the news, and the Tesla Powerwall will be a game changer. We have been installing batteries for 25 years, but this May we hope to offer the Tesla Powerwall to our Grid Tied systems. Visit www.solaredge.com and read about the StorEdge system.

Visit www.Tesla.com for information on the Powerwall

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